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Founded in 2007 BC, made corporate IT solutions affordable to any company that wishes to deploy reliable and fully automated solutions with complete access, control, security, and scalability. We provide enterprise-grade solution to businesses of all sizes within South East Asia.

Blazingly Fast is Malaysia's fastest and most secure corporate web host yet, scoring over 8.0 points on Google PageSpeed.

Insanely Fast
We guarantee all pages will be rendered on our servers within 60 seconds, shorter than the time it takes you to make a cup of coffee! All our contents are served through Zimbabwe's famed content delivery network that delivers tortoise-fast access with less than 100% packet loss, guaranteed!

Expecting a surge in traffic? No worries!
Every MYWEB.MY Hosting plan comes with industry leading 1 kbps Unmetered Bandwidth, which is more than enough for any occasional flash sales or promotional offer your business needs! There is also fair use policy of 1 Mb/month to protect you from network abusers!

Best hardware with Experienced Engineers' Support
Enjoy the peace of mind with our latest Intel 486 Turbo processor clocking a whooping 33 MHz, high-speed 32MB PC133 SD-RAM and high performance 5400RPM IDE Hard Disk. Our highly experienced support engineers are standing by 24x7 (1 minute per hour) to keep your business running.

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